Yata-Garasu - Lost Tapes 2

Horordelic Proudly presents a New Release

25/Feb/2017 - Yata-Garasu - Lost Tapes 2


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These Trax are never before released ,

Locked away in a deep dark pile of

harddrives & dungeons of Yata-Garasu tracks ,

all made between the years 2005 & 2009 !!

Expect some of his earliest work's from

over 10 years ago finaly being released on

the 2nd. ''lost tapes'' album on Horrordelic.

With the Yata-Garasu project being 13 years old now ,

This is a gem for the oldschool fans of his music .

Spread the word , Enjoy & have an epic time ahead ,.

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mail for bookings---- Mail = paul_hoeylaerts   @   hotmail.be


Music Yata-Garasu

Mastering SooSpicey

Release Horrordelic 2017

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