VA Horror Tales - Chapter 1

        Horrordelic Proudly presents 17/August/2017

a new release called:

VA Horror Tales: Chapter 1

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10 pure underground dark psychedelic tracks, made for you and your friends, let the artists tell you these stories.... Horror tales Vol 1...

Thanking all the artists for giving their support and making this VA possible.

The tracks in this VA are going to blow the dance floors around the world.


01. Elephant - Holy Pyramid (148bpm)

02. KinetiK Flux - J'ai crue voir un (156bpm)

03. Nyctophobia Vs WordSalad - Fear Induced Fantasies (152bpm)

04. TERRATECH - Tweaking Psychedelics (Boga Remix) (156-


05. Spagettibrain- Talenta (154bpm)

06. Oroboro - Soy un Fauno (151bpm)

07. Fluroneuro - Cryptic Daydream (155 bpm)

08. GroundWave  - Magnedrop illusions (148bpm)

09. Kounoupi - Law of Nature (150bpm)

10. aGh0Ri TanTriK - Cemetrip (150bpm)

Compiled Cosmic Bluemoon

Release Horrordelic

Mastering SooSpicey

Artwork Antikriz + Psytanic & Nils Blommér

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