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Horrordelic Proudly Presents
- 10. September 2020 -

VA: Art is An explosion Vol: 2

Compiled By Yata-Garasu

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“Art is again becoming an explosion when releasing the boundaries of what's commercially accepted & mainstream”.

Yata-Garasu went out again searching the scene for upcoming & established talents. In this 2. edition he is going all in for you to get you the latest and greatest talents in this movement of sound. This is the middle part of the trilogy that is “Art is an Explosion” … Be sure to get them all..

We are really digging these sounds, hoping you will too! So Enjoy & Blast hard! Much respect to all artists involved. Go check out all their individual Sounds & experience a true artistic world. They all deserve to be heard and supported..

So as always Yata will leave you with these words:
Open your mind, close your eyes, press play and fly away.
Yours truly Yata-Garasu

Track list:

1-Wave Savage - Magic power. 158.bpm
(W&P : Eduardo Menezes)
2-AEIO - No memories. 158.bpm
(W&P : Stijn Helsen)
3-Yata-Garasu - The 7 page muda was intense AF. 160.bpm
(W&P : Paul Hoeylaerts)
4-Crone & Paul Karma - Anorthodox but creepy. 162.bpm
(W&P : Konstantinos Tsitouris & Paul Midis)
5-Fat Freddy - Song of songs. 163 .bpm
(W&P : Freddy Paul)
6-Ziqada & Tryptophant - Sakrileg. 175.bpm
(W&P : Julius & Gregor Heinrich)
7-FluroNeuro - Adrenaline crush. 180.bpm
(W&P : Priyanka Sudhir)
8-Tom Gotchi - PV55YVOID. 208.bpm
(W&P : Alessandro Placenti)
9-Parxon & Yata-Garasu - Eye of heaven, Gateway of earth. 215.bpm
(W&P : Alan Ramos & Paul Hoeylaerts)

Mastering SooSpicey
Artwork Antikriz Release Horrordelic

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SIDE PROJECT ! : bio: Yata-Garasu project was created by Paul Hoeylaerts in the fall of 2004. Ever since I could walk & talk music has been the most important thing in my life & still is 1 until this day, growing up with classical music from my mother & Italian from my father I was well diversified in the music world @ a very young age.

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