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- 27. September 2019 -

VA: Art Is An Explosion -

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Track list:

1. FluroNeuro - Far Out 158bpm
2. Parxon - Intelligent Creatures 165bpm
3. Voidscream Feat. Nyx Noize - Field Of The Dead 170bpm
4. Sefirot - Bad Trip 180bpm
5. MinDelve - Toki Sunshine! 182bpm
6. Yata-Garasu - Art Is An Explosion 190bpm
7. Nasty Galaxy - Relax 200bpm
8. Tom Gotchi - 5TON3D AF 202-152bpm
9. Psyroot - Art Of The Damned 210bpm
10. Wave Savage - Controle Perceptivo 210bpm

Art truly becomes an explosion when you release the boundaries of what's commercially accepted & mainstream.

This compilation is a personal choice of what Yata think's are some of the artists that deserve much more attention & exposure.

These are artists that define the words of a true artist.

Art is an explosion, and so will all these tracks do to you.

Each 1 of these songs will explode your head & leave you wanting for more.

So as always i'll leave you with these words:

Open your mind, close your eyes, press play and fly away.

Yours truly Yata-Garasu

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