Horrordelic Proudly Presents


A New EP Called

"Inner Circle"

Made By Source Error

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A symbiosis between dark psychedelic atmospheres and mechanical frequencies.

The connection between light and dark, creating a twilight of emotions.

A deep journey through the mind of Source Error, who implied his vision of modern dark psychedelic sound in his debut EP.

Mesmerizing soundscapes combined with impulsive straight forward bass lines, create a unique style, guaranteed to drill your brain.

From the deepest inner abyss to the highest physical states, this EP is meant to break the borders that surround mankind.

Track list:

1. Ionosphere (155 bpm)

2. Inner Circle (155 bpm)

3. Suffer under your existence (164 bpm)

Mastering by: Antagon @Interzone Mastering

Released by Horrordelic

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