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Horrordelic Proudly Presents
- 02. November 2019 -

Mother Of Datura: Inside the womb ov Darkness-

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From Sweden this killer Psycore will take you far out of the normal realms, get high, get low and get ready for some true Dark Forest Psycore.

1.Dödskult 02:35
2.Abyssal 07:41
3.Rotting Teeth 06:58
4.Welcome to my Void 08:42
5.Chemical Necromancy 06:35
6.Hollow 01:53
7.Inside the Womb Ov Darkness 08:33
8.Maranatha 06:06
9.Until The Light Takes Us 07:27

Tracks by Ludvig Herlevsson @ MOD Studio
Mastering by Samuel Frisk
Artwork By Johan Wergeland

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