Miquiztli Horrordelic


Biography: Miquiztli, Mexico


Leonardo De Leon is the name of the producer who gives his project name (Miquiztli).


This project was born in 2010 Intended to represent a journey between life and death through his music. Running in a range of beat's going between 152bpm to 200bpm. Maintaining a sound and style that identifies to him from the other ...


Realising an idea of himself ‚Äč and sharing it with the public.


He is currently collaborating with Labels: Horrordelic Records, Sick Lion Records, Twisted Minds records.


"Fear, personally is something I like to express in my music and that is to give the good feeling of fear.


In most things a little afraid that lives with us,

Fear exists at any time of life. Try not to get lost in fear, take your hand and continue on the path of life "

Horrordelic Records 2016

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