Biography:,Krono_Psy, Portugal.

Krono_psy & Onork is a project from luis maia a 27 years old portuguese producer who has been listening to psytrance music for a few years now but only discovered the production side of things in "06 after seeing is friend helder(aka rawar) working on a track.after then he began learning to create his own sounds.

First with Reason then with Fruity Loops(07,08) and now with cubase sx5.He also utilises ableton live07 for his live performances.Once he had learned his way around all this progams he felt confident enough to "step out" and so the krono_psy project was presented to the world bringing with it a sound of full power.

Night time meets twisted>forest>acid> trance,always trying to blend in unique effects and incorporate stories of horror/terror/action and even comedys into his compositions.

Krono_psy as played on dancefloors with known names as: Rawar;Naked Tourist;Mind Distortion System;Far East Ghost;Sushupti;Tryambaka;Pzyko;Wrikk and many more..

He is now working in collaboration with some of the scene..s most innovative labels,.: ICC Records(pt) Lycantrop Records(belg) L.U.A.Records(uk)Twisted Minds rec(mex)



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