Baphomet Engine

Biography:, Baphomet Engine, Brazil:

Baphomet Engine is a darkpsy project , who was born in goiânia in 2003, headed by two freaks (fábio and Luis), who felt the need to transmit a

new excitement to lovers of psy, causing the darker sides of the human race.

Politics, religion, greed, vanity, lust and whatever else you may think about the poor dreams of the human race.

All this is part of the theme of Baphomet Engine a pioneer darkpsy project in the world,

with presence in several festivals around the world as Japan, India, Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Portugal and Switzerland.

With songs in collections scattered around the world, and two albums, they pass their message of chaos and fun without fear of future nightmares.

Today's Formation is based on Fabio and his psychotic brother Tiago, two crazy for music since the burial of hell.

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Baphomet ENgine

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