Biography:, Yata-Garasu, Belgium:


paul hoeylaerts, olen, Belgium Biography:Yata-Garasu project waz born in 2004 by Paul Hoeylaerts. Started the muzik journey ever since I could speak and listen . Began the dj carreer in 2000 @ a local dancecafe in my hometown dj'ing : metal, hip hop, techno, electro ...... All sorts of muzik (becauze I’m a fan of all thingz I like and I don't care what muzik you make) I been raised on classic muzik anyway'z, and muzik from the 60's and 70's from my mother.


I started dj'ing psy back in early 2004 and later that year I started producing also on FL3, I think it waz back then, no help from anyone just me and my old pc. Making tunes out of my head i started making more and more, every day, nonstop. Back in 2006 I had my 1rst release on Skitzophrenik Lifeform Records. with my track called : SIN . That waz my 1rst release (and became a underground topper back here) so raized from 0 to dj'ing every weekend all around Belgium. The years passed by and so did my muzik, as I started to release on label's from outside of Belgium: Twisted Minds From Hell (Mexico), H.S.S. (Greece) I.C.C (Portugal) and Bloodsuck Records (Brazil).This was the time when I stopped playing live sets.


In February 2008 I did my last live set. As the years passed so many releases on VA`s around the world, I found it funny that people really liked my music, so now after years in the game it have learned me experience, quality and love for all music that is original. I created my own style called: Emotionpsy (cause I put everything into my muzik, I am my no 1. Fan, becauze I make muzik for me.. Not for YOU.)


If you love my muzik I`m very happy and pleased, thanks!! I love to help out people who got something going, is always searching for new and ORIGINAL talentz (not another RIPOFF). I have been very privileged to work with the best artists and labels out there (for me) and will still keep producing my shizzle till the day I can’t produce more !!!


- I hope you all look forward not backwards. Listen and explore all muzik. Explore the sounds and frequency of good old muzik (they call it classicz for a reason) and remember::: OPEN YOUR MIND , CLOSE YOUR EYES , PRESS PLAY AND FLY AWAY . (your Paul - Yata-Garasu) -


yata-garasu owner of : final nightmare records(belgium)

-vice press of : skitzophrenik lifeform records (belgium)

-Vice pressident of : horrordelic records ( norway) . ---


member of these label's by releasing traxx with them :


-final nightmare records (belgium)

-skitzophrenik lifeform records (belgium)

-hellchedelic records (portugal)

-H.S.S records (greese)

-I.C.C records (portugal/brazil)

-bloodsuck records (brazil)

-twisted mind records (mexico)

-anomalistic records (u.s.a)

-brain collapse records (portugal)

-shamanicaros records (bulgaria)

-sonic tantra records (india)

-black magic records (u.s.a)

-A.R.W records (mexico)

-Horrordelic records (norway)

-Raag-Taal records (macedonia)

-rootworks records (australia)

-jellyfish frequency records (u.s.a)

-Mexikan Dark Mafia (M.D.M.A recs) (mexico)

-League Of Shadows .project. (Mexico)

-Hippyflip records . (Spain).

-Prana records . (mexico).

-Luminati records . (portugal).




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