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-Last update: 18. March 2017 -


Our Live Artists:


Yata-Garasu (Belgium)

Bones (Mexico)

Baphomet Engine (Brazil)

ParasitE (India)

Psy4Tecks (Portugal)

Mr Hades (Mexico)

Silent Enemy (Brazil)

Gurgamesh (Sweden)

Seven Dark (Portugal)

Krono_Psy (Portugal)

M.Y. Project (Chile/Finland)

Gloomy Phantom (Germany)

Digital Mind Terror (Sweden)

Holix (Sweden)

Paranoia Sector (Greece)

Miquiztli (Mexico)

Syntethic Forest (Germany)

Suffer Misery (Mexico)

Master Of Horror(Mexico)

Fear Disorder (Greece)

Crone (Greece)

Palex (Portugal)

Chaosang (Germany)

Leonofobia (Mexico)

Nyctophobia (Australia)

Zeta Drakonis (Norway)

DistortedAtmosFear (Belgium)


Work goes on adding the still missing profiles .....




Our Djs:



Antikriz (Norway)

Psytanic (Norway)

Tripotonic (Norway)

UltraSound (Portugal)

KimOniMusha (Germany)

MindPainter (Germany)

HyperScope (Germany)

Iztam (Germany)

HappyHorror (Austria)

Lupsyfer Satan (India)

Cosmic BlueMoon (India)

Ixchel (Australia)


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